Cheeky driver tries to avoid parking ticket in Harlesden by covering registration plates with TAPE

The car was captured parked in Harlesden Gardens (pic: Facebook)

The car was captured parked in Harlesden Gardens (pic: Facebook) - Credit: Archant

No one likes getting a parking ticket but one cheeky driver in Harlesden has taken extreme measures to possibly avoid being issued one.

His black Smart car was spotted parked in Harlesden Gardens, with his front and rear registration plates covered with duct tape.

Since a bemused resident, who witnessed the driver concealing his plates, uploaded the images on to social networking site Facebook users have been speculating on the reason for his actions.

Suggestions have ranged from a game of cat-and-mouse with traffic wardens to the possibility he might be preparing to commit a criminal act.

One Facebook user even joked that he could be trying to hide adulterous behaviour from a partner.

He might be driving a Smart car but his actions are far from smart as he is committing a crime by concealing his plate.

A spokesman for Brent Council told the Times: “Deliberate obscuring of a number plate is a criminal offence, so one for the police to handle.

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“If one of our wardens came across that car (even if not illegally parked) we’d expect them to report it directly to the police for action.”

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