Chancellor’s Autumn Statement ‘will be good for Brent’

Ibrahim Taguri claims the Autumn Statement lays out a promising future

Ibrahim Taguri claims the Autumn Statement lays out a promising future - Credit: Archant

Brent is all set to benefit from the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement yesterday, it is claimed.

Ibrahim Taguri, The Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Brent Central, said the pre-budget statement from Chancellor George Osborne was a “good end for the first peace-time Coalition” with a number of his own party’s policies in the mix.

“There were a number of Lib-Dem measures that were prominent,” he said.

The income tax threshold was increased by £100 to £10,600, putting an extra £825 per year into the pockets of workers, which will be a particular boost for the poorest households. “50,000 people in Brent will get a tax cut. There are 10,000 people now in work who won’t pay tax at all,” said Mr Taguri.

Businesses will be exempt from paying National Insurance for any under-25s they employ, which should boost apprenticeships.

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One of the biggest reforms was to stamp duty for house-buyers, which Mr Taguri claimed the Lib-Dems have been fighting for since 2007. “It’s the first big reform that targets purchase price, not simply an evaluation,” he said. “The higher the property prices, the higher the duty. I would like to see council tax evaluations as a next step to really reform the system and make it fairer.”

He said he’d like to see rate relief for businesses “started immediately”. Plans to bring rates in line with online businesses would make shopping more competitive, he added.

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“It ties into regeneration of the area, something that I’m really passionate about, especially as our high streets are overrun with bookies and payday lenders.”

Corporate tax avoidance has been hit, he said, so “companies such as Google and Amazon will be hit with a 25 per cent tax on anything they try and shift out of the country. It closes one of the loopholes the Tories didn’t want to close.”

He also said families will find it “much easier” to travel with the cut to air passenger duty. Ticket prices to all destinations will fall as all under-12s will be exempt from the tax. From 2016 it will be extended to all under-16s.

Other pledges by Mr Osborne included pumping an extra £2bn into health services, and a freeze on fuel duties.

Mr Taguri said: “There were a lot of good things for Brent but there are difficulties as it’s such a complex area. We fought hard for the things that we got. We need prudent economic management but also a strong element of social justice. You can’t have one without the other.”

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