Chalkhill children accuse Brent Council of playing them around

A group of children claim they have been let down by Brent Council after it was revealed there were �never any plans to build a play area on their estate.

Families from Chalkhill Estate in �Wembley claim the local authority made a promise to build a MUGA (multi use games area) in St David’s Close back in 2007.

But this week the council said there are no plans for the play area on the land where flats are being built.

Furious Kathleen Fraser-Jackson, Chalkhill Residents’ Association chairwoman, accused the council of going back on their word.

She said: “The children of Chalkhill have been lied to. I can’t actually believe it.

“We were told in 2007 that a MUGA would be built for the children of Chalkhill. There is nothing here for them to do here.”

Youngsters have emailed the council and are demanding councillors come clean about what happened to the planned MUGA.

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Ms Fraser-Jackson, 55, who lives with two of her ten grandchildren in Wellspring Crescent, said: “The young people here are angry. What message does this send out to youngsters? That it is okay to go back on your word? That it is okay to lie?

“Everyone feels very let down. My grandchildren have never had the opportunity to play in a park. It is a disgrace.

“Yet again, the children of Chalkhill have gone another summer without a playground.”

Residents say there is room for both flats and a MUGA on the site. They are also furious money has been spent on a water feature which they say is a waste of cash and of no use to the community.

A council spokesman said: “St David’s Close is within a half mile of an existing MUGA that is part of the Poplar Grove youth centre. Brent Council’s sports and youth services are discussing increased access at Poplar Grove. We do not have a MUGA planned in St David’s Close.”

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