Cat found dumped with rubbish in Willesden street

Shayla had been left out with the rubbish in Willesden in the Huggies box pictured

Shayla had been left out with the rubbish in Willesden in the Huggies box pictured - Credit: Archant

Unwanted pet is being cared for by the Mayhew in Kensal Green

A cat has been found in a tightly sealed cardboard box dumped with rubbish in a Willesden street.

A woman discovered the unwanted pet after hearing pitiful meows from inside the Huggies nappy box on Chaplin Road, yesterday.

The box had been sealed up with no air holes.

The shocked woman rushed the female cat to the Mayhew Animal Home in Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, where she has been named Shayla and is currently being cared for.

The Mayhew is appealing to residents to consider the help available when they may no longer be able to care for a pet.

JoAnna Puzzo, the Mayhew’s cat welfare co-ordinator, said: “Cases like this are desperately sad, not only for the circumstances but also for the fact that they are not unique. We find cats, and many other animals, dumped on a regular basis with clearly no concern for their life. Many cats will remain totally silent when fearful in a scenario like this and it is only due to the fact she was heard crying that means she is still alive and safe with us. ”

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She added: “There are so many avenues of help available for people who can no longer care for a pet, binning them to die should never, ever be a consideration. We will always offer help and advice to those in need and people can call our reception, or our animal welfare officers.

“Thankfully, this cat is now safe in our care and we will be able to find her a new home.

“Our hopes are also that we will see far fewer cases like this and an increased awareness in responsible pet ownership; something The Mayhew fervently campaigns for.”

Anyone needing pet advice can call the Mayhew on 0208 969 0178.

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