Cat falls from this tower block and SURVIVES

Molly, right, fell from a third floor balcony in this tower block

Molly, right, fell from a third floor balcony in this tower block - Credit: Archant

A cat fell from this tower block and SURVIVED albeit losing four of her nine lives.

Molly is on the road to recovery

Molly is on the road to recovery - Credit: Archant

The Mayhew Animal home in Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, came to the rescue of Molly after her four-storey tumble.

Molly lives in a flat on the third floor which has a balcony with netting to prevent her escaping.

However the unneutered cat was in season and was desperate to find a mate so she broke through the protection and fell.

The first floor in the tower block is actually on the second level so she fell four storeys in total and was huddled in a corner by the entrance, looking extremely scared and solemn and bleeding through the nose, when she was found.

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An X-ray and ultrasound at the Mayhew discovered she had mainly suffered from a broken front leg and a fractured pelvis.

Her owner was tracked down and found to be an elderly lady who was in hospital but had arranged for someone to visit during the day to check up on Molly, feed her and keep her company at the time of her fall.

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Zoe Edwards, welfare officers at The Mayhew, said: “Poor Molly went through an awful ordeal and must have been in a lot of pain after falling from such a great height.”

“When a female cat is in season they are restless and hormonal, and their instincts will make them do everything they can to find a male – which might have been what made Molly so desperate to break through.”

It transpired that the owner had cats all her life and always got them neutered, but had been wrongly advised that she had to wait for Molly to be at least six months before getting her neutered.

Ms Edwards added: “A female cat can actually get pregnant from as young as four months of age, when they are still technically kittens themselves.

“Unfortunately it’s this common misconception that you need to wait for cats to be older before neutering, which adds to the number of cats who end up on the streets or at our shelter.”

Molly’s owner has since received advice on caring for her and she has been allowed to return home.

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