Cancer champions, found photo and London's future

File photo dated 16/08/2012 of City Hall in London (left), Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has confirmed

MacMillan Cancer want the candidates for London mayor to agree to three pledges - Credit: PA Images

Cancer care is priority

Sarifa Patel and Kris Chadwick, Macmillan Cancer campaigners, write:

Hundreds of Londoners have signed an open letter urging London mayoral candidates to become Cancer Champions, once elected. We are asking the candidates to pledge to stand up right now and support the 210,000 people living with cancer in the capital who need support now more than ever.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, thousands of vital cancer treatments, appointments and care were postponed or cancelled. Since the start of the pandemic, 15 per cent fewer people in London have started cancer treatment compared to the year before.

Macmillan Cancer Support hears every day from people in desperate need of help. People still can’t get the timely support they need and the emotional impact of the outbreak is continuing to take its toll on people already struggling. 

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The mayor of London can be the voice of people living with cancer and work with Macmillan to offer vital support. So, we are asking the candidates to agree, if they are elected, to:

  1. Work with Macmillan to make sure everyone knows how to get cancer support.
  2. Meet people living with cancer from London within the first 100 days of getting elected.
  3. Take part in World’s Biggest Coffee Morning this September to help raise funds for people living with cancer. 

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We think cancer matters. Do you?

Do you know owner of photo?

Peter Nice, writes:

My partner, whilst sorting through old paperwork of her father’s, came across a wartime photograph (for once named!!) of a gentleman in army uniform (medical corp) from WW2, taken most likely in Middle East.   

The details on the photo are:  R F Bowers CF., 30 Randall Avenue, Neasden, London NW2
***BOWERS IS THE NAME*** written underneath.

We would love to pass the original onto his family or to the gentleman if by some luck he is still alive, he would be around 95.

If you anyone knows of R F Bowers or his family, please get in touch at

Thanking you for your attention and possible help.

A brighter future

Sian Berry, Green candidate for mayor of London, writes:

Londoners need more small sites for new homes, greens spaces and community facilities, but London’s current planning policies are top down and focused only on big developments. This approach isn’t working. 

I want to bring bottom-up leadership to planning. As the first Green mayor of London I will set up a People’s Land Commission so that local people in every part of London are supported and empowered to map their areas and put forward ideas for underused land.  

I will back their plans by finding funding and support to get what each area needs, whether that’s new playgrounds, green spaces, community centres, space for small businesses or new homes. And I will push the government for a ‘community right to buy’ in law, like they have in Scotland. 

In my London, the people will plan the future of our city, bringing the fresh thinking we need more than ever as we plan for the recovery and build more resilience into our communities for a brighter future. 

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