Can you contribute to the Africa through a lens exhibition?

The fascinating exhibition traces the story of Africa over 100 years

These pictures are just some of the thousands of fascinating images on show at The National Archives (TNA) new exhibition ‘Africa through a lens’.

The show traces 100 years of African history, from the ‘Scramble for Africa’ in the last 19th century, through to the rise of the independence movements in the 1950’s, and the TNA is urging Brent residents to help gather information about the people and places in this fascinating collection.

The collection includes images of village life, the construction of roads, bridges and harbours and the development of industry, training and education, and jubilant images independence celebrations.

If you have pictures of yourself, friends or family from this time and want to get involved in the exhibition visit a session at Brent archives, at Willesden Library, in High Road, Willesden, on Thursday 24 and Thursday 31 March.

For more information on the project contact 020 8937 3677