Calls for lorries to slow down in Harlesden following collision with mobility scooter rider

Calls for lorries to slow down following collision in Harlesden (pic credit: Jonathan Goldberg)

Calls for lorries to slow down following collision in Harlesden (pic credit: Jonathan Goldberg) - Credit: Archant

Calls for lorries to slow down at a Harlesden junction have been made after a man riding a mobility scooter was knocked down as he tried to cross the High Street.

He suffered serious injuries to his legs and was taken to hospital by air ambulance after the accident at the junction of High Street, Park Parade and Manor Park Road last week.

Mustafa Gok, manager of Star Express cafe in Park Parade, said: “His right leg was crushed and smashed from the top down to his ankle.

“The lorry touched the wheelchair and it fell over and the man went under the lorry. He was trying to get out.

“It’s really sad, I’m scared it will come into my dreams.”

Another witness, Bernard Hall, of Harlesden, said: “The lorry braked and jolted to a halt but unfortunately he (the victim) had gone under the wheels.”

Rajh Maryathas, a shop assistant at J J Food and Wine in Park Parade, said a one way system should be introduced.

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“The problem is the very heavy vehicles, for people crossing its dangerous,” he said.

“There are a lot of elderly and disabled people living around here.

“Lorry drivers can’t see properly, it’s hard to turn. It’s a very sharp junction.”

Harry Bhogal, manager of Chana Chemist in the High Street, said: “I’ve been here 18 months, and from what residents say, the junction is very problematic and there’s been numerous accidents.

“I think it is generally the layout of the junction itself.”

Harlesden Town Team (HTT) and Brent Council have consulted with the owners of the lorries frequenting the area.

Leroy Simpson, HTT chairman, said: “They need to give some directive to drivers to watch their speed and change the way they come through Harlesden.

“We’re hoping, with Brent Council, to get the lorry people around the table to tell drivers this is not acceptable.

“They should not be bombing through the lights. We have met them once and we have had some success. We have negotiated with them not to turn right from Craven Park, the lorries are too big.”

HTT is also attempting to meet with the six managing bodies of Mitre Bridge in Scrubs Lane in a bid to get the bridge repaired and the weight restriction lifted to reduce the number of lorries passing through Harlesden.

“We need to get that bridge fixed,” said Mr Simpson.

Brent Council did not respond to requests for a comment.