Calls for Brent’s disabled residents to be given better access to public transport

Brent Transport Action Group need people to speak out about their experiences

A community action group campaigning for Brent’s disabled people to have better access to public transport have given residents a platform to air their views.

The meeting, organised by Brent Transport Action Group, was held at the Brent Association for Disabled People in Robson Avenue, Willesden.

Disabled and elderly residents were encouraged to speak out about what can be done to make busses in the area for accessible for them.

As part of the event Navin Shah, the Labour candidate for the Brent and Harrow seat in the London Assembly elections, travelled on the 297 bus from Wembley Park to Willesden Bus Garage with wheelchair user Kate McGuinness, a service user at the centre.

The London Assembly member for Brent and Harrow described the experience as ‘eye opening’.

He said: “I will take this valuable experience away with me and it will help me better represent my disabled constituents.

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“I encourage all elected representatives to take up this invitation to travel with a disabled constituent as it will truly make you see the difficulties they face on public transport, from their perspective.”

During the meeting, which was also attended by Stephen Golden, head of equalities and sustainability at TfL residents and service users posed questions and aired their concerns about a variety of problems.

Among the issues discussed included uneven pavements by bus stops and the fact that wheelchair users are required to reverse down ramps to exit a bus.