Exhibition celebrating local business talent opens in Queen's Park

The Spacemade local heroes exhibition

The Spacemade local heroes exhibition - Credit: Spacemade

An exhibition celebrating local business talent has opened in Queen’s Park. 

The public exhibition Local Heroes will run until January 22 on the ground floor of The Loft in Salusbury Road. 

Pictures of eight local entrepreneurs will feature alongside their business stories.  

The businesses celebrated range from a healthy food delivery service to a local boxing gym. 

The boxing gym, StormLDN, was founded by local businessman Joe Channer and it provides classes to young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The gym also says it “reinvests a large percentage of its profits back into the local community”. 

The businesses were voted for by members of Spacemade, which operates the exhibition space. 

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Dan Silverman, co-founder at Spacemade, said they are “committed to spotlighting the exciting business talent that chooses to locate itself locally”. 

He added – “we plan to launch more exhibitions like this at our spaces in London and beyond”.