Brent Chinese gets green light for alcohol delivery despite concerns

Beijing Noodles has been given the green light to deliver alcohol.

Beijing Noodles has been given the green light to deliver alcohol. - Credit: Google

A Chinese takeaway was given permission to offer an alcohol delivery service, despite some concerns this could lead to increased antisocial behaviour in the area.

Brent Council’s licensing committee today (Monday, June 14) granted a licence to UR Foods Ltd at Beijing Noodles in Kilburn Lane to sell alcohol from 11am until 1am Monday to Saturday, and from 11am until midnight on Sunday.

This was despite several objections from nearby properties who suggested the licence could “compound the problems” of littering, noise pollution, and vermin.

Ellie Pole, who has lived in the area for almost 30 years, said the option of buying alcohol should end at 11pm “like a normal business” and she “doesn’t see why people need to get noodles at 1am”.

She added it could set a precedent with other takeaways in the area applying for late-night alcohol licences.

Roy Light, representing the applicant, Hamza Rafiq, explained alcohol would only be sold as part of a delivery service, with customers unable to buy beer and wine from the restaurant in person.

He said this was the crux of the application and was put forward to “safeguard residents” and “not add to the cumulative impact” of other venues such as the nearby pub.

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Mr Light added delivery mopeds would be asked to park in between studs on the pavement to minimise disruption and ensure they are away from any people walking by.

He also pointed out there had been no objections from any responsible authorities – including the council’s licensing team, the Metropolitan Police, or environmental health officers – to the application.

The committee noted the points put forward by Ms Pole and other residents but was satisfied the business would be able to uphold the licensing objectives and would not contribute to any problems in the region.