Brondesbury councillor slams town hall bosses after pothole in Willesden leaves her injured

Pothole left Cllr Carol Shaw with a bruised leg

Pothole left Cllr Carol Shaw with a bruised leg - Credit: Archant

Cllr Carol Shaw was left with a bruised leg after she tripped up in Dobree Avenue

A councillor has slammed town hall bosses claiming they are failing to deal with potholes in a street which resulted in her bruising her leg.

Cllr Carol Shaw, who represents Brondesbury, said she was left with the minor injury after tripping over one of 14 potholes scattered in Dobree Avenue, Willesden, last week.

Brent Council sent workers to fill the holes after she sent them a furious complaint.

The Conservative politician told the Times: “If they had been repaired the holes properly in the first place it might not be like this as here are so many residents complaining about them.

“They are so cavalier about this at Brent Council, they don’t react normally. It’s quite disgraceful.

“What about the disabled people crossing the road?”

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Her concerns have been echoed by Dobree Avenue resident Shamima Mahomed who said she was relived to see the repairs being done but it had taken too long for it to happen.

She added: “Potholes damage cars.

“I can’t understand why they (the council) drag their feet.”

A spokesman for Brent Council was unable to say how long the street had been blighted by potholes but apologised to residents.

He added: “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to local people but we have to prioritise our work to ensure that the most dangerous potholes on the busiest roads are fixed first.

“After these were reported to us, we investigated and taking into account factors like depth, size and location, the deepest potholes were repaired immediately and other lower-risk potholes are scheduled to be repaired with 28 days.”