Brent youths prove that they’ve got talent

School pupils showcase their unique skills at special event

Pupils making the step-up from primary to secondary school put their hard work to the test and showcased their skills at a talent contest.

For two weeks pupils from across the borough attended a summer programme of activities run by Jay Ruparelia and Remal Tailor, two University College London graduates as part of their Teachus organisation.

The program has been put in place by the government to help pupils from low-income families get off to a flying start at secondary school.

The course was open for around 350 pupils who will soon be attending schools – including The Crest Academies, Preston Manor and Copland Community School – and culminated in a talent contest at Brent Town Hall in Forty Lane, Wembley, last week.

Evidence shows that children from low-income families find the change from primary school to secondary school particularly difficult and some pupils who fall behind at this stage never catch up.

Sarah Teather, MP for Brent Central, judged the competition crowning the prospective Copland students the winners for their tribute to some of the world’s most exotic animals.

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Miss Teather said: “I was very happy to be asked to judge Brent’s got Talent and to be given the opportunity to see the result of all the hard work the pupils have put in over the past two weeks.

“It’s great that so many schools in Brent have taken advantage of the extra funding and I want to congratulate Teachus on running an excellent summer school.”

Teachus also provides after-school and weekend tuition to pupils who want to boost their 11-plus, SATs, GCSE and A-level grades .

Mr Tailor said: “Everyone deserves the best start to secondary school, which is what we’re hoping to achieve for all the participants.”