Brent: The Hindu community celebrate Navratri

Hundreds of Hindus celebrate Navratri, the festival of dance

Hundreds of Hindus gathered in school halls and community centres across Brent this week to celebrate Navratri, the festival of dance.

Navratri lasts nine nights, and on each evening worshippers celebrate a different Hindu god or goddess.

Festival goers dress in their finest clothes, take part in traditional Indian folk dance called garba, and make offerings to their Gods.

Brent’s thriving Hindu community has made the borough’s Navratri celebrations the largest outside India with some 300 events going on across the borough.

Mr Venilal Vaghela, said: “It is a very special occasion for Hindus. Families come along to the celebrations, dresses in their finest clothes, and dance all evening, It is a fantastic, community occasion.”