Brent street sweeper saves woman’s life in North Wembley

Ian Greaves saved a woman's life

Ian Greaves saved a woman's life - Credit: Archant

Ian Greaves commended by his bosses for his quick-thinking actions

A street sweeper in Brent has been commended for saving the life of a woman who collapsed in the street.

Ian Greaves, who works for Veolia Environmental Services, Brent Council’s recycling and waste management services provider, administered first aid to the lady after he noticed her lying in East Lane, North Wembley.

He rushed over to her, checked for any visual injuries before he placed her in the recovery position and called for an ambulance.

He waited with her until paramedics arrived and after explaining what he did he was told his actions possibly saved her life.

Mr Greaves, 46, who lives in Edgware, has worked for Veolia for four years.

He said: “I am very proud of what I did and I’m very thankful for the recent First Aid training I received from Veolia

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Doug Taylor, Veolia’s contract manager in Brent, said: “I want to congratulate Ian for his positive actions and quick-thinking.

“As our sweepers are often the ‘eyes and ears’ out on the streets, we offer them a wide range of training opportunities to equip them for all sorts of situations, and we’re really proud that Ian was able to put the training he has received to good use.”

This is not the first occasion that Mr Greaves has come to the rescue of a member of the public, as he also recently assisted a man who had fallen and sustained a bang to his head and was bleeding.