Brent residents urged to participate in consultation over plans to hike parking charges

Parking fees consultation ends Monday. Photo: PA/Jonathan Brady

Parking fees consultation ends Monday. Photo: PA/Jonathan Brady - Credit: PA WIRE

Residents in Brent are being urged to respond to a consultation over parking charges.

Brent Council’s consultation on parking charges ends this Monday which will have an impact on visitor parking, the possible withdrawal of visitor household permits and limit the number of visitor permits per household.

Wembley residents living in streets near the stadium fear they will be penalised and warn others in the borough that unless they respond to the consultation.

A Mostyn Avenue resident said: “Read it, reply to it, complain – do what you can by replying to this consultation or you cannot be shocked when the prices go up.”

She added traffic to the stadium was having an unfair impact on her neighbourhood: “All the people living on Mostyn Avenue, Linden Avenue, Dagmar Avenue are penalised already. We are subsidising everyone. One side of our roads are for residents, the other pay and display but 400 yards from here people on Manor Drive don’t have the pay and display and visitors can’t use their road on event days. “There needs to be fairness. I understand space is limited and the need to raise some fees but if you build so many flats on every square mile, sooner or later there’ll be congestion.”

“Sign the consultation, or the next thing you know your fees will go up.”

Meanwhile more than 2,000 residents have signed a Liberal Democrat online petition against Brent Council’s plan to increase the cost of visitor parking from £1.50 per day to £4.50 per day.

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The Labour run council originally voted to increase visitor parking charges from last month, but started a new consultation following complaints.

Cllr Eleanor Southwood, lead member for the environment at Brent Council, said: “It is more than a statutory consultation. We’re building in focus groups with businesses, talking to schools. There’s a wide range of proposals about permits and how we might charge for them.”

To respond to the consultation click hereTo sign the online petition click here