Brent residents suffer 19 bouts of stress daily

Residents in Brent suffer 19 bouts of stress daily - PICTURE POSED BY MODEL

Residents in Brent suffer 19 bouts of stress daily - PICTURE POSED BY MODEL - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

The increase in the use of mobiles and tablets is being linked to Brent residents suffering 19 bouts of stress each day, it has been claimed.

According to a study commissioned by IKEA as part of its Life at Home report, one in five people are tense before 8am, with some even experiencing stress as early as six in the morning.

Myriam Ruffo, head of bedroom and bathroom at IKEA said: “Certain stress triggers such as technology malfunctions and family issues can be somewhat out of our control.

“With more and more people using mobiles and tablets in the bedroom and bathroom, these rooms are no longer safe havens where people can go to relax and revitalise.”

The stress levels of 2,000 adults found the first flash hits early, with more than half of people experiencing stress before they even get out of bed.

High levels of stress caused by being unable to find things like keys or wallet happened before even leaving home, whilst feeling unhappy with their weight and self-image proved another reason to worry.

Work was the biggest source of worry in the average person’s life, while general day to day activities surprisingly proved the second biggest problem.

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Just under a third thought they felt unusually high levels of stress than could be deemed healthy – with not being able to sleep emerging high in the list of most common causes.

Ms Ruffo, added: “Ensuring rooms in the home are clear and comfortable is also a step we can all take towards a calmer mentality.

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