Brent residents buying a used car are steered in the right direction

Brent residents are being urged to take precautions when buying a new car (Pic credit: PA/Davis Ches

Brent residents are being urged to take precautions when buying a new car (Pic credit: PA/Davis Cheskin) - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A campaign has been launched to steer residents in the right direction when they are buying a new car.

Brent Citizens Advice and Brent and Harrow Trading Standards Service (BHTSS) have teamed up to help people avoid ending up with a useless banger.

Dodgy second-hand cars are the most complained about product in the nation to the Citizens Advice consumer service.

Their helpline receives around 6,000 complaints each month with faults being among the most common problems.

The campaign is urging people buying a used car to ‘check it don’t regret it’ by assessing whether it is safe, legal and what it seems.

Samia Badani, social policy coordinator at Brent CAB said: “Buying a second hand car can be bit of a bumpy road. Whether you have £500 or £5,000 to spend, it can be difficult to make sure the car you end up buying is in the condition as described by the dealer.

“Not only can drivers find themselves out of pocket or with a string of unexpected expenses, the car could be roadworthy or unsafe. But there are some simple steps drivers can take to make sure what they are buying is safe, legal and what it seems.”

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Officers from BHTSS are carrying out mystery shopping exercises and on the spot inspections of second hand car traders as part of the campaign.

Bill Bilon, from head of BHTSS, said “A second-hand car that is not up to scratch and is littered with faults can be a danger to the driver and other road users.

“It’s important the used car industry puts a brake on bad practices by dealers being up front with their customers about the condition of cars.

That way people can make an informed choice as to whether it is the car for them. ”

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