Brent Police use crime mapping technology to catch crooks

Chief Superintendent Michael Gallagher

Chief Superintendent Michael Gallagher - Credit: Archant

Every week Chief Superintendent Michael Gallagher, Brent Police borough commander, writes a column to inform Times readers about the latest policing activity happening in the borough. Today he talks about crime mapping technology.

This week I wanted to start by telling you that police in Brent are using predictive crime mapping technology.

The Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will continue to tackle burglary on the borough.

As burglary continues to fall, officers will be out in the correct areas at the correct times to further reduce offences and bring those who blight our community with this crime, to justice.

Predictive mapping technology uses previously recorded crime data to identify where future burglaries are more likely to occur.

There will be an increased focus on monitoring known offenders and by using predictive mapping technology and other intelligence, local officers and other Met resources will be deployed to specific locations at times of the day that have been identified as a concern.

I also wanted to take some time to highlight a group of volunteers who work closely with us.

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Police in Brent has an independent advisory group that meets every two months. The groups help to boost community confidence in what we do. They ensure the delivery of fair policing services for everyone, and reach out to communities, providing reassurance about the way we police to groups we may otherwise find hard to reach.

The role of independent advisors is best described as a ‘critical friend in time of need’ – a group of non-police people who can provide advice and guidance to the police to help prevent critical incidents escalating (these may be external or internal incidents). T

hey also provide a sounding board for the police to understand the potential impact on communities of police practices and operations.

The passion and commitment the members of the local community show giving up there time free of charge to improve the police service and is to raise the confidence of the local community is unquestionable.