Brent Police tackle domestic violence and child road safety in a series of events

Chief Superintendent Matt Gardner takes about latest initiative in this week’s column

This week I want to update you about what we are doing to make Brent residents safer in relation to domestic violence and child road safety.

Operation Athena is a London-wide operation where police are targeting our most dangerous domestic violence and hate crime offenders in a series of early morning raids this week.

Brent Police have arrested more than 25 wanted offenders so far this week and we will continue to hunt cowards responsible for violence on those who are more vulnerable.

In support of the theme of Domestic Violence awareness, officers from Brent’s Community Safety Unit have additional events this week through to December 10.

For example, last week Detective Inspector Gail Steele hosted a live question and answer session on the Brent Twitter feed, to answer any questions about how the police and other agencies can help.

Other events included partnership work with the Asian Woman’s Resource Centre to publicise this vital service that Brent residents have access to.

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This week we hosted events where domestic violence support agencies provided officers with training on current community issues such as honour based violence, disability and hate crime, as well as the latest safety measures for survivors of domestic violence abuse.

If anyone is affected by domestic violence or hate crime, and would like further information on how to report an offence or get support, please contact the Brent Community Safety Unit on 0208 733 3742.

You can remain anonymous and officers will provide you with non-police support agencies contact details where required.

As part of their Junior Citizenship Scheme, Brent’s Safer Transport Team (STT) are about to provide an input to over 2000 year 6 children over the next two weeks.

The scheme aims to pass on important safety messages to young people, which will help them to deal with the challenges they may face in the future; to encourage them to live a safe and healthy life style; and to make them aware of how to react in sometimes difficult situations such as a first aid emergency, police incident or fire.

The scheme delivers the messages in a fun and interactive way so that the children are fully engaged and more likely to remember.

As ever, this is the time of year that cowardly thieves break into people’s homes under the cover of darkness. Please leave a light on when and ensure all doors and windows are locked, especially rear patio doors. The chances of being burgled are low but it only needs to happen once to really impact on your life. Brent have some of the best detection rates in London for burglary and we have less offences than last year so please continue to help us to help you……take care of your property.

As ever, if you have any information on crime matters, we will act. You can call us on Crimestoppers (0800 555 111), 101, or your local Safer Neighbourhood Team Teams accessed via the Met Police Website ( In an emergency, call 999. For daily updates and information about what is happening in Brent, you can follow us on Twitter at @MPSBrent

Thank you for your continued support.

Matthew Gardner

Borough Commander Brent Police