Brent Police claim more officers will pound the streets of Kilburn

Kilburn Police Station

Kilburn Police Station - Credit: Archant

Superintendent says the closure of front counters in Harlesden and Willesden will see an increase in visible patrols

More police officers than before will be pounding the streets of Kilburn in the near future, it has been claimed.

According to Superintendent Nick Davies from Brent Police, the area will be served with 20 officers instead of 11 once policing changes rubber-stamped by the Mayor of London yesterday are implemented.

Under the new plans, finalised by Boris Johnson following a public consultation, the front counters in Harlesden and Willesden police stations will be axed.

However the future of Kilburn Police Station is in the balance after a report from the Mayor’s office stated the building ‘will not meet longer term policing needs and alternative facilities will be required nearby to meet future policing requirements including front counter facilities with appropriate public access’.

Supt Davies told the Times that the station in Salusbury Road is home to Queen’s Park and Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood teams which are made up of one sergeant, four PCs and six PCSOs and this will increase to 20 once they are relocated.

He added: “This is good for the borough.

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“We won’t be leaving south of the borough and there will be a strong footprint of policing as there will be an increase in visible officers in the area.

“We don’t need a building as big as the current one but we won’t pull out of it until we find an alternative site. There could be an opportunity to find premises on the South Kilburn estate.”

Despite the closure of the front counter in Harlesden Police Station the site will remain a focal point of policing in the borough as it will become one of five ‘contact points’ in Brent.

The point, which are also are located in Walm Lane in Willesden, Barningham Way in Kingsbury, Station Road in Harlesden, and Strata House in Cricklewood, will allow residents to meet officers on a non-urgent basis.

All will be open for an hour every Wednesday and Thursday evening at 7pm and on Saturdays at 2pm.

The borough’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams will continue to be based at 12 offices across the borough including Harlesden Police Station.