Brent listed as fourth quietest London borough

Woman Covering Her Ears With Pillow And Husband Banging Wall For Being Disturbed By Noise

Brent is one of London's quietest boroughs according to - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Those with noisy neighbours may well disagree but Brent is allegedly the fourth quietest borough in London.

Neighbouring Westminster dominates the ranking by as the loudest borough to move to with 1,976 complaints per 10,000 households.

Harrow, also a neighbouring borough, is the calmest with 72 complaints per 10,000 households.

Brent has registered 111 complaints in comparison and only 1,331 noise issues over the whole year, compared to Westminster's 24,756.

In May last year this paper reported that noisy neighbour complaints in Brent increased by 92 per cent since the lockdown started.

Some 300 complaints were made online from April 1 and officers have more than 200 noise recordings to assess.

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The figures represented a giant hike compared to a year before.

Insurance company conducted Freedom of Information requests to the 100 biggest cities in the UK to find out the number of noise complaints over the last 12 months.

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