Brent Neighbourhood Watch advises residents on identity fraud

Special packs on how to avoid becoming a victim will be handed out

RESIDENTS can find out how to avoid being a victim of identity fraud at a special event being held tomorrow (Thursday).

Brent Neighbourhood Watch (BNW) will be handing out information packs on how to beat the fraudsters at Sainsbury’s in Walm Lane, Willesden, between 3pm - 6pm.

Tony Antonio MBE, BNW senior warden, told the Times many residents are unaware on how easy it is to become a victim.

He said: “People need to know that there are criminals out there who will raid your bins to find information about you.

The pack we’ll be handing out tells people how to lower your chances of being target by doing simple things like using a shredder to dispose of personal information.”

Sainsbury’s in Walm Lane, Willesden, is directly opposite Willesden Green Tube Station.