Brent named as the ‘fattest borough’ in London

Brent has been named as the 'fattest borough' in London (Pic: PA)

Brent has been named as the 'fattest borough' in London (Pic: PA) - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

Brent has been named as the ‘fattest borough’ in London according to a new report published this week.

Diabetes Champion Manjula DaleCllr Krupesh Hirani and Anne Airebamen, Brent Council Healthy Lifestyl

Diabetes Champion Manjula DaleCllr Krupesh Hirani and Anne Airebamen, Brent Council Healthy Lifestyles Office, pictured in the front row with the 11 champions who collected their certificates (Pic credit: Brent Council) - Credit: Archant

Figures released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre shows residents in the borough topped the chart for the highest obesity-related hospital admission in the city.

Last year the borough had 940 hospital admissions per 100,000 people because of conditions associated with obesity.

The national average is 811.

In addition, 3,015 medical appointments were due to conditions where obesity was the issue or an indirect cause.

Neighbouring borough Harrow was the second worst and Hillingdon was named as the third.

The fattest region in the country was named as Wirral in the North West.

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A spokesman for Brent Council told the Times they had rolled out a number of programs and initiatives to help residents improve their health.

He said: “We take the health and wellbeing of our residents very seriously and are working to ensure local people have opportunities to make healthier choices about their diet and activity.

“Our ‘Healthy Catering Commitment’ program supports fast food establishments in offering healthier choices on their menus, while our ‘Slash Sugar’ campaign aims at educate residents so that they can make better choices.

“We’re educating residents on how to eat better through healthy cookery classes and healthy eating talks and we’re also running a campaign called ‘Active New You’ – a Sport England funded project focusing on getting more women and girls active.

“All of this work will contribute to our overall long-term aim of creating a healthier, happier Brent.”

According to the council’s own website childhood obesity rates in the borough are worryingly high and show no signs of improvement. The most recent figures show more than 11 per cent of children in reception are obese and this rises to 24 per cent of children in year 6.

Obesity is linked to a variety of health problems including heart disease, cancer and Type-2 diabetes.

Brent has the highest number of diabetic residents in London with more than 23,000 people living with the condition.

It and also was named as the second highest borough in London where people are likeliest to develop type-2 diabetes because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Figures revealed by Public Health England (PHE) shows 12.9 per cent of residents aged 16 and over have blood sugar levels that indicate they could develop the condition.

This equates to 32,951 people living in the borough.

Last year the council launched a programme to help raise awareness of diabetes.

Residents who complete the programme become a ‘diabetes champion’ who pass on awareness to others living in the borough through voluntary schemes.