Brent MPs condemn government's National Insurance hike

Barry Gardiner MP and Dawn Butler MP arrive at the vigil at Barn Hill Pond to remember Bibba Henry and Nicole Smallman

Barry Gardiner MP and Dawn Butler MP arrive at the vigil at Barn Hill Pond to remember Bibba Henry and Nicole Smallman - Credit: Nathalie Raffray

Both Brent MPs voted against the controversial decision to hike national insurance which they fear will hurt working constituents.

Boris Johnson succeeded in bringing £12 billion extra a year for the NHS and adult social care through a rise in national insurance.

Under the plans announced by the Prime Minister, and agreed in the House of Commons on September 8, the NHS will get the bulk of the £36billion raised in the first three years, with £5.4billion for social care in England.

For local people it means a hike in national insurance by 1.25pc and the very really possibility that people will have to sell their homes to pay for care, which will be capped at £86,000.

Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Central, said the tax rise will "hit the low paid and young workers the hardest".

"I am deeply concerned about the burden on working families and businesses in Brent Central who have suffered from austerity and the pandemic.

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"It’s shocking that under the Government’s plan, someone earning the median UK salary will pay a higher proportion of their income on national insurance than someone on the Prime Minister’s salary.

"It is also heartless that many people will still have to sell their homes to afford the cost of care.

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"The NHS and social care needs substantial additional investment, but this is the wrong way to do it.

"There is a more ethical way to sustain the NHS. The wealthiest people in society must be asked to contribute more and any rise must be fair for all, including for different generations.

"This corrupt and cruel Conservative Government has shown us yet again that they only care about helping the very wealthiest in society – they should be ashamed of themselves."

Brent North MP Barry Gardiner added: "It will take substantial investment to fund social care properly.

The government's proposals do not do this. They principally fund the backlog of delayed appointments in the NHS.

"Raising the bulk of the funds by NI contributions will hurt people in work the hardest, especially low earners and young people, and will place a huge burden on businesses recovering from the pandemic."

He added: "The taxes that pay for social care should be fair across the generations and all forms of income, not just from employment.

"Those with the broadest shoulders should pay more, not the working families on whom the government is now imposing an unfair tax rise."

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