Brent Liberal Democrat councillor defects to the Labour Party

Cllr James Allie, who represents the Alperton ward, claims he has been betrayed

A Liberal Democrat councillor has defected to the Labour after claiming that he has been ‘betrayed’ by his party.

Cllr James Allie, who has represented the Alperton ward since 2005, has slammed the “devastating” policies of the coalition government and the “hypocrisy” of the local Liberal Democrat Party.

Cllr Allie said: “I joined the Liberal Democrats because I wanted to help make Britain a fairer, greener and more equal country.

“I no longer believe that the Liberal Democrat Party can make this happen. They have betrayed the values that I once shared with them.”

Cllr Allie highlighted three aspects that had pushed him to take the decision; the focus on reform of the House of Lords and Sarah Teather MP’s failure to stop the closure of Central Middlesex A&E.

He added that he felt the Lib Dems were ‘falsely claiming’ that they wouldn’t have closed the six libraries in the borough when they ‘knew perfectly well’ it was a result of central government cuts.

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He said: “While my feelings about this have built up over the past two years, these issues have finally pushed me to take this decision.”

In an open resignation letter Cllr Allie continues: “I recognise that some of my constituents in Alperton will feel let down by my decision.

“I trust that many of them voted for me because they knew of the hard work that I have done as a councillor over the years.

“I pledge to them that I will work harder than ever to improve the lives of everyone who lives in Alperton.”

Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council said: “I am delighted to welcome James into the Labour family.

“It shows that Labour is a genuine home for everyone who voted for the Liberal Democrats, but now feel betrayed that they are supporting a Government that is slashing the welfare state.”