View from the House: Fighting for an immigration system that is fair and treats immigrants as human beings


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As your MP, I have been working hard to oppose this government’s hostile immigration policies.

From the dire treatment of the Windrush Generation, to the horrific conditions in detention centres across the country, I am doing my best to ensure Britain’s immigration system is reformed to be compassionate and fair.

Our system is blighted by injustice. One of the most troubling aspects is the state of our detention system, which subjects those seeking a better life in Britain to an experience of trauma and uncertainty.

Many enter the detention system without knowing exactly when their case will be acted on. Holding vulnerable people in a state of limbo is inhumane, but it is the reality for many thousands of people each year. As such, I am currently campaigning to introduce a detention time-limit of 28 days – and I have cross-party support in doing so.

Further evidence of the government’s hostile approach to immigrants is in the treatment of the Windrush Generation. The inquiry into the summer’s scandalous deportations is yet to conclude, but that hasn’t stopped the Conservatives from restarting deportation flights.

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I am calling on the government to guarantee EU citizens’ rights. Despite the promises, Brexit is likely to weaken their existing protections in several areas. Across all these areas and more, I will be demanding government stops seeing immigration, and the immigrants who live in the UK, as a threat – but rather as human beings who deserve the dignity and opportunities that most in Britain are free to seek.

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