View from the House: Brexit plan as bad as PM's dancing

PUBLISHED: 08:30 15 September 2018


The prime minister Theresa May has received a lot of stick for her dancing recently and while I would commend her on her attempts, I can't help but feel her dancing was symbolic of her Brexit negotiations.

The government’s negotiations have been so disjointed, and the Conservatives’ infighting so severe, that we are now at risk of crashing out of the European Union without a deal.

This would put our economy and jobs, including many here in Brent, at risk. Even the chancellor has admitted that no deal could be as bad as the global financial crash.

Labour’s plan is to develop a new and strong relationship which retains the benefits of the single market, such as a full tariff free access and we would ensure no new impediments to trade and no reductions in our current rights and protections.

We in the Labour Party are holding the government to account every step of the way. And I have been clear from the start that when we vote on the final deal, I will examine it carefully to ensure it benefits the UK.

I will not back any deal that fails to protect jobs, rights and living standards here in Brent.

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