Brent is the only borough in London to see a drop in crime figures

Levels are down compared to last year

Brent is the only borough in London which has seen a continued reduction in crime, figures from the Metropolitan Police have revealed.

The figures – which are compiled weekly by all London boroughs – compare current rates of crime with the same time last year.

A report card issued to authorities, and seen by the Times, asks for rates of crime including gun and knife crime and then determines whether or not there has been a reduction or increase.

Brent is currently top of the pile ahead of the 32 other London boroughs including neighbouring Harrow and prosperous boroughs such as Kensington and Chelsea.

Figures which are down on last year are marked as green on the report card.

According to the card, gun crime has seen a 38 per cent reduction, while knife crime was down 23 per cent compared to the same point last year.

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Detective Superintendent Simon Rose said police had been “relentlessly proactive” in their efforts to stamp out crime and paid tribute to members of the public for coming forward with information.

Earlier this year the Met launched the Operation Hawk campaign which asked for residents’ help in catching known drug dealers and abusers.

Mr Rose said: “We are targeting robbers and drug dealers with stop and search activity to prevent and detect crime and make the streets safer and we are using automatic number plate reader operations to deny criminals the use of the roads and seize their cars.

“We are also targeting handlers of stolen goods with search warrants and obtain these on the back of community intelligence you provide.”

Burglary has seen a decrease of 20 per cent with 301 people facing charges, arrests, or being issued warnings.

The figure is well ahead of the Met’s target of a 12 per cent reduction.

Det Supt Rose added: “We are delighted to have the only “all green” scorecard in London but will still be seeking ways to improve and cut crime further.”