Brent Housing Partnership awards dedicated tenants

Santa hands out gifts to generous residents

DEDICATED residents were recognised for their hard work in the community by a housing organisation.

Santa joined an award ceremony held by Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) where devoted tenants were given gifts for their efforts in the last year.

The attendees have all been involved in various ways such as being association and community group representatives, attending area housing boards, resident quality inspectors, block champions and much more.

Young residents also attended who have been involved in BHP through the Youth Editorial Board were awarded certificates of appreciation as well as gifts from Kathy Ellison, chair of the board.

Ms Ellison said: “Residents are extremely important to BHP and we wanted to thank all representatives for their hard work over the past year. It was good to celebrate together, there was plenty of food, drink and music, and all had an enjoyable evening.”

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