Brent hit hard by ticket office closures

Every station on the Jubilee line is affected

Ticket office opening hours will be slashed from this Sunday, leaving many stations offering vastly reduced services.

London Underground say it is introducing the measures because the success of oyster cards mean just one in 20 tickets are bought in offices, and that tube staff will be redeployed to patrol other areas of the station.

Every station along the Jubilee line in north west London is affected, while the Bakerloo line is relatively unscathed by the cuts.

Among the worst affected stations are Neasden and Maida Vale, whose ticket offices will no longer provide an evening service during the week, instead shutting at 10.30am.

Critics of the cuts say they will jeopardize public safety and inconvenience passengers, and the controversial measures have been the cause behind tube strikes in October and November last year.

Speaking at the time the cuts were announced, Chris Barker, the secretary of the London branch of the Campaign for Better Transport, said: “The idea of cutting ticket offices is appalling. If staff numbers were cut considerably the danger of crime and the danger of the fear of crime, would increase among the travelling public.

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“There should be somebody available in ticket offices throughout the time the station is open, so they can answer people’s questions as well as maintain safety.”

Bob Crow, RMT “As fares are jacked up through the roof this week travellers can see that they will be expected to pay through the nose for a vastly inferior and dangerous service as unstaffed tube stations are turned into a criminal’s paradise.”

Howard Collins chief operating officer of London Underground, said: “We have made a commitment that our high safety standards will be retained – every station will remain staffed, and every station with a ticket office will still have one with opening times that reflect demands.”

Local tube stations: How weekday opening hours are affected.

Dollis Hill: Was 6.30am until 7pm. Now 7am until 10am.

Kilburn: Was 6am until 10pm. Now 6.45 am until 7.30pm.

Kilburn Park: Was 6.30am until 8pm. Now 7am until 1.15pm, and 3.15pm until 6.30pm.

Kingsbury: Was 6.30am until 2pm, 3.30pm until 8pm. Now 6.45 am until 10.30am.

Maida Vale: Was 6.30am until 8pm. Now 7.30 am 10.30am.

Neasden: Was 6am until 2.30am, 3.30pm until 8pm. Now 6.45am until 10.30am.

Northwick Park: Was 6.15am until 7.30pm. Now 7.30am until 10.15am and 3.30pm until 6.15pm.

Preston Road: Was 6am until 8pm. Now 6.45am until 11.30am

Wembley Park: Was 5.30am until 11.30pm until 6.15am until 11pm.

West Hampstead: Was 6.15am until 10pm. Now 7am until 12.45pm, and 5.15pm until 7pm.

Willesden Green: Was 6am until 10pm. Now 6.15am until 7.30pm.

Harlesden, Kensal Green, North Wembley, Queen’s Park, South Kenton, Stonebridge Park, Wembley Central, all have no changes.