Brent family wanted to go Back in Time for BBC 2

A Brent family is wanted to go whizzing through five decades in BBC2's Back in Time

A Brent family is wanted to go whizzing through five decades in BBC2's Back in Time - Credit: Archant

Have you ever wanted to go back to a time before smart phones and high definition TVs ruled the household?

One adventurous family from Brent has the chance to go fast-forward through five decades of weekend activities - from home maintenance, crafts and hobbies to social occasions, treats and days out for a television series, Back In Time, on BBC 2.

The series is a follow up to Back In Time For Dinner, which aired a family from Walthamstow.

Wall to Wall Media, the makers of Who Do You Think You Are and Long Lost Family are looking for a family to immerse themselves in how we spent our leisure time from the 1950’s to 2000, the turn of a new millennium.

Will quality time spent ‘unplugged’ help you reconnect as a family?

Rochelle Robshaw, mum of the family in Back in Time For Dinner, said “It was a fantastically positive experience for the whole family”.

Dad Brandon Robshaw added: “Our eldest daughter said she had never laughed as much as she did that summer of filming. It was also a highly educative experience. We look back on it with a lot of pleasure.”

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Any interested families with a minimum of two children aged 10 or more should email

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