Brent crime fighter warns parents to keep their chidren off the streets

Waring that lawlessness will stunt community relations

The chairman of the borough’s biggest anti-crime organisation is urging parents to keep their children off the streets while the unrest continues.

In addition, Patrick Jacobs from Not Another Drop (NAD) has warned residents that the lawlessness seen in Harlesden today could set back the community by 25 years.

He said: “Parents please call your children, get them home, please think about their future.

“Our youths are unwittingly criminalising themselves by looting and general civil disobedience.

“Please make sure that your children are safe and secure.”

Mr Jacobs has spoken out after a 40-strong masked mob robbed a pawnbrokers in Harlesden High Street at 4.30 pm today (Monday).

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The looters also attacked several shop workers on the busy thoroughfare after they unsuccessfully tried to storm their store.

Mr Jacobs continued: “This situation is helping to set back community relations at least 25 years.

“We at NAD understand that the frustration of the youth is hard to contain but we have to ask ourselves what will tomorrow bring.”

According to Mr Jacobs, Brent Police will be rolling out a section 60 order across the entire borough to try and prevent further unrest occurring.

Under the measures the police can stop and search an individual if they believe a crime may take place in the vicinity.