Brent Council slammed as CCTV car pictured idling on double yellow lines outside Kensal Green school

Parking enforcement outside Frederica School (Picture: Eric Troestler)

Parking enforcement outside Frederica School (Picture: Eric Troestler) - Credit: Archant

Parents are accusing the council of hypocrisy after Brent’s “money making machine” was captured idling outside a school in Kensal Green ready to penalise motorists dropping off their children.

Eric Troestler took a picture of a CCTV enforcement vehicle parked on double yellow lines outside Princess Frederica School in Purves Road earler this month.

The father, who walks his son to the playground every day, said the engine was running for the 10 minutes he was at the school gates and it’s not an isolated occasion.

Speaking after the incident on January 16, he said: “Brent’s setting a great example by parking their money making machines on double yellow lines and letting the engine run. I guess the car was there preying on any mums and dads that in a rush might have stopped on the zig-zag to drop off their children to school while picking up a nice £120 fine from Brent.”

He added: “I’m not accusing parents, this is Brent not parking correctly. They should follow the Highway Code. Up until now, the council has been telling parents not to drive or sit idling with their engines running. It’s hypocrisy.”

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But Brent Council explained it was perfectly legal for the enforcement car to be parked on a double-yellow line and that safety of children was an overriding priority.

In December the Brent & Kilburn Times reported parent Rainer Grupe accrued a dozen parking tickets dropping off his children at Salusbury Primary School. He called for the council to stop penalising parents.

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Brent Council has previously said its safety and travel planning team works closely with schools in the area to promote public transport, walking and cycling as well as road safety and anti-idling initiatives.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “The safety of school children is our primary concern, which is why the enforcement team were out ensuring drivers did not park on the Keep Clear clear markings outside the school.

In order for the CCTV vehicle to enforce this safe area it is legally allowed to park on double yellow lines if necessary, but they must only do so as a last resort. The engine of the vehicle was set to idle in order to power the CCTV camera. Four PCNs were issued to drivers who had parked illegally and put the safety of the children at risk outside the school.

“We have reminded staff to ensure that they look for alternative parking wherever possible when undertaking enforcement activity to protect children’s safety.”

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