Brent Council’s blunder causes things to go bump in the night for Willesden residents

Angry Willesden residents met with council officers to demand action over speed bumps

Angry Willesden residents met with council officers to demand action over speed bumps - Credit: Archant

Council chiefs have admitted installing the wrong speed humps in Willesden resulting in residents being blighted by noise and vibrations from lorries outside their homes.

The blunder in Donnington Road, Peter Avenue and Chambers Lane will result in Brent Council forking out more cash to remove the bumps which are too wide - however they have refused to tell the Times the overall cost to taxpayers.

The mistake was revealed in a letter from Paul Chandler, the council’s head of transportation, in which he apologised to residents.

Last Friday affected residents met with council officers in a call for action.

Gino Chiappetta of Donnington Road, said his ceiling collapsed as a result of passing skip lorries causing tremors costing him £1,000 to fix.

He said: “The insurance wouldn’t pay out and the council didn’t want to know.

“I am very, very angry.”

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Cllr Carol Shaw, who represents Brondesbury ward, has been locked in a battle with the council over the bumps for the past 10 weeks.

She said: “I think this is the worst nightmare I have had to deal with in all my years of being a councillor.”

Naz Nuthooof in Peter Avenue, compared to the tremors to an earthquake.

She added: “I feel it at night, I can’t sleep.”

Dobo Joseph, a pensioner in Peter Avenue, said he was angry that bumps had been installed right outside his front door.

He added: “The trucks don’t slow down, they go past with a thump.

“What’s the point of putting a hump in a parking bay?”

A Brent Council spokesperson said: “It is unfortunate that there was an error in the specification of some speed cushions in some streets, and we have arranged for these speed cushions to be slightly altered.”

He added: “The results of the consultation showed that 70 per cent of residents that responded were in favour of the scheme.”

However Christine Nelson of Chambers Lane, disagrees.

She said: “A consultation was done but the majority of people did not ask for speed bumps.

“They have spent all this money and they refuse to take the bumps off.”

Work is now under way to narrow the bumps and the council is enforcing a weight restriction in the area to penalise drivers of vehicles more then 7.5 tonnes.