Brent Council reported to advertising watchdog over recycling claims

Political opponents claim town hall are pulling the wool over residents’ eyes

Brent Council have been reported to a watchdog for ‘pulling the wool over residents’ eyes’ in their adverts promoting the changes to recycling in the borough.

Cllr Daniel Brown, Brent Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson, has lodged a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) claiming it’s a misleading propaganda campaign.

Billboards across the borough describe the new collection arrangements, which were introduced on Monday as ‘Brent’s improved waste collection service’ and carry the message that the new schemes are an improvement which will result in more recycling.

However, Cllr Brown and his party colleagues dispute the claim.

He said: “Brent’s Council is wrong to allow a propaganda campaign that seems to try to pull the wool over local residents’ eyes.

“Taxpayers are entitled to the truth from council publicity – after all they pay for it.”

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Cllr Paul Lorber, Leader of the Brent Liberal Democrats and former council leader, agreed with Cllr Brown.

He said: “We want the council to be honest with people, in no way is decreasing the frequency of recycling an improvement as they claim it to be.”

The ASA has the power to make the council withdraw or change the advertisements if it considers that the council has breached the advertising code of practice.

Cllr James Powney, Brent Council’s lead member for environment and neighbourhoods, refuted Cllr Brown’s claims.

He said: “The service is improved because it will lead to a big increase in Brent’s recycling, and cost the taxpayer much less.

“I am sure that the ASA will reject Cllr Brown’s vexatious complaint.”