Brent Council may show cars the red light at �100million Civic Centre

Town hall are considering the introduction of strict parking rules

People visiting the borough’s much-lauded �100million Civic Centre may have to leave their cars at home or pay to park.

Brent Council is considering introducing a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in and around the new glass Civic Centre, in Engineer’s Way, Wembley, which is expected to open its doors to the public next year.

Because the number of visitors is expected to be so high, the local authority does not want residents parking in nearby roads, hence the possible charges.

Al Forsyth, chairman of Brondesbury Residents’ and Tenants’ Association, said: “This will give people living in the south of the borough even less reason to go to the new Civic Centre.

“The Brent CPZ policy is already completely bonkers. It has some of the smallest CPZs in the country.”

The new civic centre will have office space for 2,000 members of staff and will host community events and festivals as well as weddings.

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There will be a car park in the basement of the building but it has only 158 spaces.

Michael Maurice, of Carlton Avenue East, Wembley, who campaigns for fair parking in the borough, said: “We keep being told how wonderful the Civic Centre will be. That there will be cafes and restaurants and a new shopping outlet nearby and people will be able to get married there. But who is going to want to get on the bus in their fineries to get to a wedding?

“The council is missing a golden opportunity. If there were more spaces in the car park then it would bring more people to the area.”

Councillor Reg Colwill (Conservative) has also slammed the CPZ plans. He said: “We were told there would be ample parking in the new Civic Centre. Why should residents be penalised? You can bet your bottom dollar the top directors will have parking spaces while everyone else will have to take the bus and train.”

It is not yet known if spaces will be allocated for the top directors and the chief executive.

A council spokesman said: “Residents and businesses are being consulted because there will be limited parking at the Civic Centre and other developments within Wembley and the council wants to find out whether they would support the introduction of a CPZ to control parking in their streets. If a CPZ were to be introduced it would have spaces for residents and visitors.”

A consultation is expected to commence in February.

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