Brent Council honours the borough’s longest married couples

Town hall throws special celebratory party to honour their longevity

In what is The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year and as the nation celebrates 60 years on the throne, married couples from across the borough were invited to a special celebratory party to honour their own longevity.

Eight couples who had survived the test of time to enjoy 60 or more years of marriage were honoured at Brent Town Hall and enjoyed a celebratory dinner with the Mayor of Brent, Cllr Michael Adeyeye.

Len and Joan Snow are one of the borough’s most long standing couples and have been married for 68 years.

The couple are true champions of Brent having lived in the borough for nigh on 70 years with Mr Snow also serving as a Mayor himself from 1976 – 77.

Mr Snow told the Times: “It was lovely to get out and meet some fellow couples who were also being honoured.

“We have always been in Brent and we love it here, we have had great luck with neighbours and fellow residents who make our time here so much more enjoyable.

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The couple lived in Wrottesly Road, Willesden, during the second world war and now reside in Norton Road, Wembley.

The 88-year-olds have one daughter, who was born in 1948, the last time the Olympics came to the London at Wembley Stadium.

Ronald and Nancy Granger from Kingsbury were married in 1952 and are celebrating their sixty years alongside the Queen this year.

The 85-year-olds have lived in Sherborne Gardens since 1970 and have two sons who both attended Kingsbury High School in Princes Avenue.

Mrs Granger said: “It was a great event; I’ve never been to an event like it before.

“I think the secret to success in any relationship is tolerance, its give and take and if you accept that you can tackle anything.

The couple have two sons one of which lives in America but insist they are not tempted to stray from the borough.

Mrs Granger added: “We live in Kingsbury and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, the people, the area are both lovely.”