Brent Council halts plans to cut number of lollipop men and women

Victory for schools and parents who feared for children’s safety

Brent Council has put the brakes on plans to cut lollipop men and women in the borough.

The Labour-run local authority had planned to axe the number of school crossing patrols from 47 to 17 in January.

But following feedback from concerned residents, the council will decide at its meeting on September 19 not to get rid of the 30 lollipop people.

Councillor Paul Lorber, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrat group, said: “This is a victory for people power. “People were outraged that Labour could put children’s safety at risk in this way and at the flawed nature of the consultation. Hundreds of parents and residents signed the Liberal Democrat petition to save the lollipop patrols or lobbied the council.

“However it is important that we all keep up the pressure until the decision is made. I will reserve full judgement until examining the Executive report carefully. We need to be sure Labour will not bring back the proposals once the current controversy has died down.”

The council does not have to provide lollipop men and women at crossings.

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Schools can buy lollipop people themselves at a cost of around �6,000.

Councillor Jim Moher (Labour), lead member for highways and transportation, said: “When we can see that the balance of the argument is in favour of caution we are not above changing our minds and it is very well recognised within the council that we need to be very careful about road safety.”

The road considered the most dangerous is Dudden Hill Lane near Northview Primary School, in Neasden.