Brent Council finally sees the light over calls for safety bridge measures in Kilburn

Clayton Crabtree is campaigning for lights on a Cricklewood bridge

Clayton Crabtree is campaigning for lights on a Cricklewood bridge - Credit: Archant

A campaigner has finally had his calls for urgent safety lighting beneath a Kilburn bridge answered following intervention by the Kilburn Times.

Kilburn High Road bridge at night (Picture: Clayton Crabtree)

Kilburn High Road bridge at night (Picture: Clayton Crabtree) - Credit: Archant

Since January, Clayton Crabtree, who lives in Rusper Close, in Cricklewood, has been calling for lights to be repaired beneath the bridge at Kilburn Tube Station, on Kilburn High Road, fearful that someone could be killed.

But he says when he emailed Brent Council, he was repeatedly told it was Transport for London’s (TfL) responsibility and when emailing TfL was told the council was accountable for repairing the lights.

The 32-year-old, who is a member of the NorthwestTWO Residents’ Association, said: “Road safety should be a top priority and while TfL and Brent council pass the buck pedestrians are at risk of serious injury or loss of life.

“A 74-year-old pedestrian was hit by a lorry and killed on February 19 just down from the tube station on Kilburn High Road.

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“There have been ongoing issues with the street lights underneath the bridge near the big murals.

“The area is very busy with foot traffic to the tube station and because people cross the street without looking, the darkness makes it a serious safety issue.”

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He said since January his calls have fallen on deaf ears as he went back and forth between the two organisations.

“I got in contact with Brent Council who said it’s not their responsibility because the bridge is owned by TfL.

“I then contacted TfL and asked that they look into the issue and spoke to a senior member of staff. TfL said it’s Brent’s responsibility.

“I then went back to Brent with a copy of the email confirming this and they said again it’s not them.

“It shouldn’t be this difficult to get a few lights repaired.”

After the Brent & Kilburn Times contacted Brent Council, a spokeswoman admitted: “Brent is responsible for street lighting levels on public highways.”

She said: “We can confirm that the lamp columns by Kilburn Tube station bridge provide sufficient lighting to meet British Standard requirements for road safety.”

But she added: “New upgraded LED lights will be installed on nearby lighting columns this July which will further increase brightness at this location.”

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