Brent Council changes tactics to take on the borough’s pesky weeds

Traditional foot spray method of removal ditched in favour of mini-tractors and quad bikes

These monster vehicles will soon be seen doing the rounds in the borough in an attempt to stamp out pesky weeds. This year, for the first time, workers will be ditching the traditional on-foot spray method and will instead motor through the borough’s pavements, killing weeds as they go.

The Egholm 2100 mini-tractors and quad bikes, which will be using environmentally-friendly weed killer, will treat the borough three times this year.

The new method is being implemented by Complete Weed Control as part of the street cleaning contract Brent has with Veolia Environmental Services.

Cllr Jim Moher, lead member for highways and transportation, said he hoped the new vehicles would root out the problem once and for all.

He said: “Weeds growing through the pavement makes the area look scruffy and people don’t like it.

“This means we will be able to get around the borough more quickly and do a much more thorough job.”