Brent Council changes its logo for the first time in 40 years

New identity will replace crest and motto ‘forward together’ has been dropped

Brent has launched a brand new identity which has seen a new council logo introduced for the first time in its 40-year history.

The new logo spells an end for the previous crest, which has been the symbol of the borough since it was formed in 1965.

The first use of the brand will be on letterheads, forms and report templates but there are no plans to replace any existing street signage with the new logo.

Speaking about the decision to change, a council spokesman said: “Despite being an innovative forward-looking local authority, Brent’s official identity has remained largely unchanged since 1965 when the council was first established.

“Since that time the borough has changed beyond recognition and the council now serves the most multi-ethnic community in the country.

“The new identity can be used easily on electronic media and has been designed to be more representative of Brent as it is today.”

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The new brand has been developed by the council’s in-house design team so cost has been kept to an absolute minimum with only �2,000 being spent.

However, the traditional ‘forward together’ motto, on the bottom of the crest has been dropped.

Toni McConville, director of customer and community engagement, said: “Our new civic building and new identity are symbols for everything the council now stands for - a modern, innovative and forward-thinking organisation that celebrates the rich diversity of its community.

“The key changes the council faces have prompted us to look at all aspects of our operations, including how we can be better recognised. The new brand is more distinctive, more reflective of Brent and makes us stand out.”

The new identity, officially launched last Friday, June 1, will gradually be brought into use over the next 12 months and be fully adopted by the time the council moves into its new Civic Centre in Wembley next year.

In addition, the council’s official website will also be revamped.

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