Brent Council agrees out-of-court settlement with black worker who won racial discrimination case

Brent Council has paid Rosemarie Clarke an out-of-court settlement

Brent Council has paid Rosemarie Clarke an out-of-court settlement - Credit: Archant

Brent Council has agreed to pay a substantial sum to a manager who claimed she was bullied by the head of the Human Resources department.

Cara Davani, left, and Cllr Muhammed Butt

Cara Davani, left, and Cllr Muhammed Butt - Credit: Archant

In an 11th hour out-of-court settlement reached last week, the council paid an undisclosed sum to Rosemarie Clarke but the extent of the damages may never be known because of confidentiality clauses in the settlement.

The Watford Employment Tribunal found Brent Council guilty of racial discrimination and victimisation against the former black employee by her manager Cara Davani two years ago.

The council appealed the ruling but lost in January last year and has since been asked to answer questions regarding all the costs by councillors and members of the public.

Cllr John Warren of the Brondesbury Park Conservatives, said: “Brent residents really should know what the deal was because it’s obviously cost a lot of money. I’m concerned about the waste of council tax money. If the council doesn’t tell me I’ll put in a Freedom of Information request. It’s such a colossal issue, we are not talking peanuts. This is a serious amounts of money.”

Campaigner Philip Grant, who has kept a close watch on the case, said: “Brent Council should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for the way that they have handled Rosemarie’s case, and tried to cover up their actions.’’

Ms Clarke was head of learning and development at the council until she was forced to leave her job, claiming victimisation by Cara Davani, former head of Human Resources.

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Ms Davani, who is an award-winning dog breeder, left the council in July with a pay-off thought to be a six figure sum.

Nan Tewari, a former trade union representative, said Brent Council had been “appallingly spiteful” in its conduct towards Ms Clarke. She said: “Rosemarie is relieved that the original employment tribunal case is over. Her priority now is to try to recover her health, which has hit rock bottom as a result of Brent’s ill-treatment of her throughout the period from her submitted resignation in 2013 right up until the 11th hour of the case being settled out of court.

“The tribunal went through everything in great detail. It went through all so-called disciplinary charges and it was very clear they were made up and supported by documents that weren’t accurate.”

“Unfortunately this is not the end and Rosemarie’s recovery will inevitably be hampered by the council leader having effectively caused damage to her reputation by the imputation in a public statement, of a justified finding of gross misconduct against her by the council. She is worried about what the future holds for her and this will inevitably impact on her recovery.”

A spokesman for Brent Council would only say: “We are not commenting on this matter.”

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