Brent Council accused of highway robbery over Brondesbury parking restrictions

All day CPZ rolled out in quiet streets in Willesden

Council chiefs have been accused of committing “highway robbery” against residents by rolling out all day parking restriction in a quiet area of Willesden.

The Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the Brondesbury ward is in force from 8am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday despite neighbouring areas only being restricted for as little as one hour.

Residents claim ist has left them unable to welcome visits from family or to drive to nearby parks without forking out on parking cards.

Happy Brewer, who lives in Chambers Lane, one of the affected streets, branded the restrictions ‘shameful’.

He told the Times: “It’s highway robbery and can only be described as a money making scheme, if anybody comes to visit we have to pay again for a ticket for them.”

The council claims the CPZs are in force to stop commuters from parking in residential areas; however residents have refuted the claims claiming that next to Willesden Green Tube Station a restriction in only in place from 10am – 3pm.

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Fred Kahn, who lives in Chatsworth Road, said: “You don’t need a whole day to stop commuters, just one hour is enough.

“It’s just a cynical method of making money from residents.”

Professor Vivian Moses, who lives in Christchurch Avenue, added: “Parents are also suffering brining and collecting their children from school.

“It wouldn’t cost much to change it but it seems they have made up their minds.

Cllr Carol Shaw, a Liberal Democrat councillor for the Brondesbury Park ward, said: “It’s crazy to have it all day when neighbouring CPZ’s are from 10-3 and in other boroughs only one hour.”

“I also find it difficult to carry out my civic duties during the day as councillors have not been furnished with special permits as council officers and tradesmen have.”

A spokesman for Brent Council told the Times the CPZ was only introduced following consultation with local residents.

He added: “The hours for CPZ KS are needed to deter commuters from parking all day in those roads and then travelling by bus or Tube.

“We are currently developing a new online system so residents in CPZs will be able to buy permits online rather than have to queue in a parking shop.”