Brent Council accused of dirty tricks to snare drivers in Queen’s Park

Cordelia Uys was fined by the council

Cordelia Uys was fined by the council - Credit: Archant

An angry motorist has accused Brent Council of dirty tricks after she was fined for parking in a “suspended bay” in the road she lives on.

Cordelia Uys said a parking suspension sign on Kempe Road in Queens Park, put up due to road works, was displayed 50 yards away from where she parked her car on August 21.

“I’m so cross, I am going to formally challenge it,” said Mrs Uys. “It’s totally unfair. They really shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

“The signs were not there, they were at the end of the road. You can’t be psychic.”

Mrs Uys, 50, asked Brent Council to waive the £110 fine but the authority refused, claiming the suspension sign was only 15 yards away from her car.

The council provided Mrs Uys with photographic “evidence” of the suspension sign but she disputes the location of the image.

“It’s quite clear from the decor of the windows that the photo was taken outside 100 Kempe Road,” said Mrs Uys.

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“Our car was parked outside number 74, so that’s 13 houses and two lampposts away from where our car was parked. The window shapes are different.”

A council spokesman said: “To help answer claims such as this, the council records the position of the vehicle, the closest sign and takes pictures of both whenever a penalty charge notice is issued.

“If any customer believes that they have been wrongfully issued a PCN, we will gladly review the adequacy of the signage if an appeal is received.”

But a letter from the council to Mrs Uys, dated September 18, which refuses to uphold her complaint, states she must not write to them again and until a ‘Notice to Owner’ form arrives if she wants to “formally challenge” the fine.

The forms are sent 28 days after the fine is issued.

As the Times went to press, Mrs Uys was still waiting for her form – almost six weeks after the ticket was issued.