Brent Conservative councillor to be ‘locked up’

Cllr Joel Davidson is taking part in St Luke's Hospice Jail Bail and needs £1,000 to be set free

Cllr Joel Davidson is taking part in St Luke's Hospice Jail Bail and needs £1,000 to be set free - Credit: Archant

A Conservative councillor in Brent will be arrested, locked behinds bars and interrogated over his behaviour until he hands over £1,000 bail money.

Cllr Joel Davidson, councillor for Brondesbury Park, will be doing time to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice in Kenton Road, Kenton.

The London Assembly (LA) candidate is part of a group, including Anton Georgiou, Liberal Democrat LA candidate, who will be put behind bars at Pinner police station on March 11.

The St Luke’s detainees will be hand cuffed, dressed in prison overalls and will undergo an intimidating and thorough interrogation by local police officers before being escorted to a cell.

They will not be let out until they raise their £1,000 bail fee and are allowed access to a mobile phone on the day to reach any shortfall.

Cllr Davidson said: “I’m advertising widely to get as many friends, family members and colleagues as I can to raise my bail fee. I hope that most of them will want me to get out of jail.”

He said he was being locked up for crimes including “bothering people on a Saturday and Sunday asking them about local politics,” and “not going to the gym and eating badly because of my campaign”.

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Joking aside he added: “I know from my own family experience that hospices such as St Luke’s do a fantastic job in caring for elderly and vulnerable people across Brent and Harrow and play a role for everyone.

“I am very fortunate to be in a position of public service, and it’s a chance to raise awareness of a very good cause.

“We live in an era of ageing populations, where all families will be affected by the need to care for elderly and vulnerable relatives. We cannot ignore this as we are all part of the same society, and we must support those who act selflessly to help others.”

To support the detainees or for more information visit

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