Brent churches throw party for volunteers

Hundreds of volunteers helped provide food and shelter to 80 people over winter months

THE organisers of Brent’s three-month winter shelter that has taken care of more than 80 homeless and vulnerably housed people since December will be putting on a thank-you party for the hundreds of volunteers who made it happen.

The Route 18 Winter Shelter, a collaborative effort between a homeless charity, 13 churches and a mosque, comes to end on March 31 after offering food, shelter and advice since December 13.

Each venue looked after its guests for a week with Cricklewood Homeless Concern providing advice on housing, educational and employment during the day.

Bob Pritchard, minister at Park Lane Methodist church, in Park Lane, Wembley, said: “It’s really a big thank-you for all the volunteers’ work. We had 15 to 20 volunteers at our church and there were 14 venues. Between us we helped to get around 40 people into secure housing.”

The party will be held at St Mark’s Church, in All Souls Avenue, Harlesden, on April 7.