Brent campaigners to hold protest in Willesden Green against fracking plans

Campaigners in Brent will be holding a protest in the borough tomorrow against fracking plans across the country.

Brent Friends of the Earth will highlight their concerns about the process outside Willesden Green tube station at 10.45am.

Fracking is carried out by drilling into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is injected into the rock which releases gas.

Critics claim it damages the environment but supporters say as it allows access to difficult-to-reach resources of oil and gas it can drive down prices.

Brent FoE will be asking MPs, London Assembly members and Brent Council to try and stop it happening in the borough.

Ian Saville, Brent FoE spokesman and Neasden resident, said: “Fracking is a dirty technology that will damage our health, environment and climate. The resulting shale gas is a dirty fossil fuel that will add to the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases in the environment.

“It should be left in the ground.”

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The protest is taking place as the government is expected to open vast swathes of the country to fracking with a new round of licensing later this year.

Mr Saville added: “We need to send a message that we do not want or need fracking to keep the lights on, nor can we count on it to reduce fuel bills.

“Instead we need to invest in renewables and energy saving to heat our homes.”

Brent FoE will also be running a stall outside the station with information about fracking.