Boy, 14, arrested in Kilburn after axe found in his trouser waistband

Axe found in 14-year-old boy's trousers (Picture: MPSKilburn)

Axe found in 14-year-old boy's trousers (Picture: MPSKilburn) - Credit: Archant

A 14-year-old boy found with an axe hidden in his trousers has been arrested after a stop and search in Kilburn.

Kilburn officers put out a tweet on Sunday from their handle @MPS Kilburn, with a picture of the axe and a statement.

It read: “We spotted and searched a 14 year old in South Kilburn last night and found this axe in his waistband - he’s been arrested and charged. This is why stop and search is so important.”

Responding to a question about their stop and search practice, they said: “With regards to grounds for S&S, we use intelligence a lot but sometimes (with experience) you can tell a lot from a person’s reaction to seeing you or by trying to have a simple polite conversation.

“We are taught to be self-aware of unconscious bias and bias confirmation.”

Police have been contacted for more information.