Bookmaker convicted of nightclub rape

A BOOKMAKER was convicted of rape after forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him while she had sex with his friend.

Michael Bordu, 29, of Wood Road, Willesden, was sentenced to six years by a majority of ten to two, while co-defendant Chuks Alinwe, 23, fainted in the dock as a jury cleared him of rape.

The offence occurred while the 26-year-old victim was out celebrating her birthday with friends, on December 13 last year, at the Rainforest nightclub, in Shaftsbury Avenue.

Mr Alinwe told the court he had kissed the girl on the dance floor before leading her to the fire escape and having consensual sex.

However the victim said Mr Alinwe, who worked as a cleaner at the club, approached her as she went upstairs to smoke and dragged her into the fire exit area and raped her.

She said: “I asked him just to let me go and not kill me.”

CCTV footage showed her entering a fire escape followed by Mr Alinwe, of Conifer way, Wembley, before Mr Bordu was seen looking through the window and ‘roaring with laughter’ before joining them.

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Mr Bordu, a father of four, then entered the area, slapped her buttocks and raped her orally before the two men swapped positions when she made her escape through the main entrance and collapsing on the road outside, she said.

After telling the club’s management, her friends persuaded the victim to call the police later that night.

She said: “I couldn’t let this happen to anyone else.”

The police arrested Mr Alinwe, who claimed the oral sex was consensual, on December 16, and Mr Bordu, who worked at Ladbrokes, on December 19.

In an impact statement read out in court, the victim said ‘giving evidence in court was terrible. I felt I was beginning to move on, and then having to relive it all again, I felt emotionally I had gone back to where I was after the rape’.

Passing sentence on Mr Bordu, at Southwark Crown Court, on Friday, October 29, Judge John Price said: “The jury clearly were not sure that the sexual intercourse [between the complainant and Alinwe] was not consensual. But they were sure that when you came and saw what was happening; you joined in and obtained sexual satisfaction by force.”

The men were tried twice after Mr Alinwe collapsed while giving evidence during the first trial in June.

Both men were acquitted of a further count of attempted rape.